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BankAtlantic Mortgage Services
At BankAtlantic we've been making loans in South Florida since 1952 and all decisions are made locally. There's no reason your biggest investment shouldn't .

General Banking FAQ's, BankAtlantic FAQ's
BankAtlantic Mortgage Services . What is the primary BankAtlantic routing number (the one I would use to conduct wire . Where do I mail a loan payoff?

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BankAtlantic 7 Savings Fundamentals
BankAtlantic Florida's Most Convenient Bank. Home| Careers| . Featured Solution. BankAtlantic Mortgage Services . Pay off credit card debt!. High- interest .

Home Equity Line of Credit FAQs - BankAtlantic
BankAtlantic Mortgage Services . pay for college expenses and make wedding plans...or even pay off your current mortgage to refinance at a better rate.

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Florida-based BankUnited and BankAtlantic as well as other regional banks . The monthly mortgage payment is calculated to payoff the entire Adjustable Rate .